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Dev Patron Pass - 25EUR

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note: this is for internal use (people can buy stuff with their Kudos)

Introducing the "Dev Patron Pass" valued at 25EUR in GitHub Sponsoring. This pass allows you to sponsor any GitHub based project that you want (just keep the eligibility criteria in mind).

When you purchase this pass you'll receive a link that allows you to fill in the details of the OSS project you want to sponsor.

Eligibility Criteria for Sponsorship:

  1. Relevance: The project or organization should be related to data, cloud, AI, or developer tooling.
  2. Ownership: You should not be an owner or part of the organization you're sponsoring.
  3. Controversy-Free: We do not sponsor projects associated with gambling, NSFW content, smoking, cryptocurrency, illegal activities, or any in the "grey zone".
  4. Popularity: The organization should have at least one repository with a minimum of 20 stars or forks.
  5. Platform: We only support GitHub sponsorship. Other platforms like Patreon, etc., are not eligible.